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Kelly Hungerford
posted this on April 13, 2011 12:54

Screen_Shot_2014-03-13_at_12.57.07_AM.pngWhat is ( pay-per-lee) is a content curation service that enables you to monitor content and topics across the web, turning content into beautiful online newspapers and newsletters. 

Once you tell us what type of content you would like to monitor, we'll scout the web and present the content you want, when you want, automatically. 

Our mission is to help ease the pain of manually scouring the web and multiple sources daily, by filtering, sorting and presenting the content you are looking for automatically, daily. can save you time by surfacing the blogs, sites, and people sharing the same interests on a regular basis. 


What is online content curation? 

Online content curation is the organizing, filtering, presenting and sharing of the most relevant digital content for a specific audience. To surface content that means something to you, and your audience, requires both technology and people working together. A content curation platform can never replace the expertise of the human content curator, so we do our best to make the gathering part of curating content easy so you can filter and edit. 

We believe that people (and not machines) are the ones qualified to make that final selection of content needed in order to identify the content that matters most to them, and for their audiences. We also believe that these same people can greatly help their own communities to find their way through this “massive content world” we live in. 


Why should I make a 

Because can save you time. Our service is used by tens of thousands of marketers, researchers, businesses, hobbyists on a daily basis for monitoring and marketing purposes. 






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You can learn more about the community using on the

Community blog.


How does work?  



With a Twitter or Facebook account, you can log-in and create a paper. You choose your content streams and can create queries and searches based on Twitter users, #tags, keywords, Facebook, your own Twitter timeline, Google+ users, Youtube videos, RSS feeds and more. 

After you have chosen your sources, we go to work. Behind the scenes, it goes something like this: we extract all fetchable posts that meet your search criteria and contain a link to either an article, video or image that is able to "read" and present on a paper.

We don't hire any writers to "write content" for papers, all content you see has been curated into a paper via a publisher and the sources they have configured. 

I’ve created a, now what? 

  • Promote it! Automatically tweet out your's URL by activating a promo-post or tweet on Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn.  Manually share your paper using the Share button on top of your paper, or curate and share just a few favorite pieces of content with our Multi-share across Twitter, FB, Linkedin, G+...

  • Embed it! You can embed a widget or iframe your paper on your website, bringing your readers fresh content, automatically, on a daily basis.  

  • Email it! Our Daily Digests and Curated Email Newsletters are perfect for delivering topic relevant content to your subscribers' inboxes on a daily or weekly basis. 


How does affect search engine rankings and affect SEO? 

Our papers are optimized for SEO, so a strong title, subtitle and Editor's note help your paper get discovered via searches.

What are you doing to give credit where credit is due?

Every day news spotters and publishers are helping millions of content creators to be discovered. We appreciate and value the entire publishing value chain and everyone should get recognition: publishers, news spotters and the site or author of the content. 


Publisher: the publisher (curator of the information) gets recognized for their work each time they tweet, post or share their paper with the world. 

News Spotter: is recognized for the content they shared each time their @username is mentioned in a manual or automatic promo tweet. For each article shared on a paper we include the news spotter.

Site or Author of content: We always link the reader back to the original source content so that site and author gets the traffic driven back to their site. No articles, photos or videos are stored for viewing on site at 


What about mentions and @replies on Twitter. Am I "spamming" my followers?

We believe that recognition to everyone involved in the curation process is important, and we let you decide if you will tweet automatically, or manually.

If you choose to promote your paper automatically, we will help you by selecting mentions for your News Spotters for that edition. If you choose to promote your manually, you easily modify the tweet and choose your own News Spotter mentions and text for that edition.

For automatic promotional tweets, we have a 48 hour "one tweet policy" in place: no News Spotter will be mentioned more than once with a 48 hour period. This is to make certain that mentions don't get out of control. 


What if News Spotters don't want to be mentioned? 

Any News Spotter that does not want to be mentioned can send us a tweet @newscrier. They will automatically be blacklisted and will no longer be mentioned in promo tweets. 

If a news spotter wants to be mentioned in general on, but not for a specific, they can contact the publisher who created the and ask to be placed on their "blocked news spotters" list. Or they can contact us and we can do it for them. 

What if blogger or content provider doesn't want his or her content to be published? 

It's true that we cannot control Tweeps from sharing content that they find, but we can control what shows up for discovery on the pages of a

Any site owner that doesn't wish to have traffic driven to their website can contact us and ask to be blacklisted. We will make sure that their site's domain is no longer processed on the pages of a

Mind you, we can help ensure that your content isn't discovered on the pages of a, however we cannot help ensure that your publicly available content is not picked up by other curation platforms.

The best way to ensure that the content you create or share is not further shared or curated into any service is to keep your accounts set to private. 


What does it cost?  

A desire for discovery! Our basic service is free of charge!





PRO badge.png  We also offer a Pro package with additional features.  Learn more 



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