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Julia Yaziji Jul 21 Using Paper.li / What's New!

PRO badge.png  Send your email subscribers one of three fully customizable Pro email notifications.  



And here's the best part: no matter which email type you choose to send, all three types can be fully customized with your paper banner, subject line, email alias and a personal message or call to action.

If you maintain your own email contact list, you can also preview and export the HTML for any of the three types to your favorite third party email service.

Get started today!  From your Paper Settings Dashboard, click Promotion & emails, then Email.  


The three types of email notifications to choose from:

  • Simple notification: sends the featured article.
  • New! Headlines only: sends all articles in headlines section.
  • Full newsletter: sends all articles on the front page of your paper.


Under Email Options you can:

Customize and/or export the HTML of any of the three notification options!


==> Brand your email by including your paper's top banner

==> Hide your title or subtitle (used if your banner already includes your title)

==> Add your own call to action or personalized message

==> Include an email alias with your own name instead of noreply@paper.li

==> Customize the subject line 

==> Preview before sending

==> Export the HTML to use with your favorite third party email service


Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 8.15.01 PM.png Want all these options but haven't taken the Pro plunge yet for $9 USD/month?  Go PRO!


Julia Yaziji May 26 Paper.li Pro / Pro Paper Features

PRO badge.png You've already been able to auto promote to your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts but now, Pro papers can promote to any Facebook or LinkedIn page you manage!

For business owners, promoters of events, and for marketers alike, it sometimes makes more sense to promote to your business or event page, rather than your individual timeline.  

Pro publishers now have the option to promote to their own timeline, a page they manage on LinkedIn or Facebook or both!


This new functionality is found in your Paper Settings Dashboard under Promotion & Emails.  Click on the social media channel you wish to activate and then simply turn the toggle switch to ON (activate)  for Facebook and/or LinkedIn.

You'll be able to choose from a list of pages you manage. 


PRO badge.png New for Pro! Promote on a page you manage using Facebook or LinkedIn


For twice-a-day papers, the promo-posts will only be shared for the first edition of that day (UTC time), not for both editions.


For more help:

Promote! Activate (or deactivate) auto promo-posts on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn

Promote! Customize your promo-posts on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn

Julia Yaziji Jan 15 Using Paper.li / About Paper.li

Don't be the last to know.   There are several ways to stay informed on what new features we've implemented at paper.li:

  • Stay tuned to our blog;

  • Follow us on Twitter;

  • Join our  G+ Paper.li Publishers community group;

  • Subscribe to the What's New! forum on the help desk.  (To do so, click the Screen_Shot_2014-01-15_at_2.17.36_AM.pngbutton to the right of the title);

  • Like us on Facebook.

  • We email updates to publishers only if your email address has been verified -and- you have selected in your publisher account settings the option to receive notifications regarding occasional updates.  

In your publisher settings, be sure that (1) you have checked the option box next to "Email notifications"  -and- (2) that your email has been "verified".    If necessary, you may click "resend confirmation" in your publisher settings and verify your email.





Birgit Seitz April 25, 2012 Using Paper.li / How to

We really enjoy hearing from our community and always look forward to reading your comments.


How to contact us

To report a technical issue, provide feedback, or ask a question, you can:

  • tweet us @paper_li

  • submit a question to other publishers in the Community Q & A Forum.  

    This is a forum for Paper.li publishers and readers to connect with one another, answer questions, ask advice and start discussions with other community members. 

    The forum isn't officially moderated by Paper.li, however we will stop by every now and then to say hi, lend a hand if questions go unanswered and clean house a little. If your problem needs urgent assistance, it's better to submit your request using the link below.

  • Submit a request to support.   

  • PRO badge.png Pro Publishers can also contact us via the email given to you at the bottom of your any billing email received from us.  We make every attempt to "fast track" Pro questions, but keep in mind the response time will depend on the complexity of your question/request!


Request a feature

To request a feature, take a look at the Feature Requests Forum, and if the idea has not already been requested, feel free to add your request.  If you see that the idea has already been requested, be sure to "like" the feature request.  Liking a feature request is a way to "vote" for the improvement and helps us communicate to the product development team what the majority of users want. 

You can also click Screen_Shot_2013-10-17_at_9.53.21_PM.png if you wish to be informed on when and if the feature has been implemented.


Tips on making a comment or asking for help

New to commenting or not sure how to most effectively make your point? Here are a few tips to help you out when commenting on an article, reporting an issue and leaving comments in general. 

1. Be specific

Let us know why you are contacting us or what compelled you to comment

Technical issues:  To quote publisher Mike Lazarus "Taking your car to the garage and saying it doesn't work isn't really helpful." Be specific!

  • If you are reporting a technical issue, be as articulate as you can and leave us browser details, what you are doing when you experience issues, if it is occuring one time only or repeatedly. The more information, the better.  And please let us know the URL of your paper or the paper you have registered the issue. 
  • If you are commenting on a post, tell us what compelled you to comment. Did you like a new feature? If so, what? The feature is a flop? Tell us why and what we could do better. 

2. Stay on topic

Regardless if you are browsing articles, posts, or FB entries, it is always good practice to keep questions and conversations organized.  If you see a post about content streams and you have a question about customization, start a new request or take a look to see if you can jump in on a conversation that is already taking place. It becomes confusing for everyone to jump from topic to topic. And it makes it easier to find you and make sure your comments, questions and requests are promptly answered. 

3. Be Nice

Nobody is perfect and we can all have "one of those " days. Even so, it is never appropriate to use insults or offensive language in the Paper.li community.   

Even when you don't agree with publishing peers' opinions, a new feature that we've rolled out, support response times, blog posts or the way the wind is blowing today... disrespectful comments won't improve the situation. 

Praise, kudos, comments -- they are all welcome, and criticism is too, as long as it is constructive. Please note: Rude, incendiary comments in the forum, as comments on a blog, on FB or Twitter that do not lend to fruitful conversation will be removed, disregarded or simply ignored.


Last updated: Julia October 28 2013


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