Control Center for quick access to publish and promote!

Spend more time on managing your business, less time managing your paper.

Within the Control Center, you have fast access to your paper's publishing and promotion settings!


Open the Control Center

From your Paper Settings Dashboard, click the blue Control Center button at the top.



Close the Control Center

To close the Control Center and go back to your paper, click the X, top right.


Publishing Settings

Under the publishing section, click to edit your settings.  You can turn publishing to AUTO or MANUAL.  


If you've set your paper to automatic publishing, your paper will update automatically according to the schedule you've chosen.  You can edit your schedule by clicking in the frequency, time and time zone fields.


If you have set your paper to manual publishing, you will create a new draft offline, and publish it whenever you are ready. "Create draft" and "Open draft" buttons are now found in the publishing section of your paper's Control Center.  ("Create a draft" button will change to "Open draft" once you have already created a draft.)


Promotion Settings

Under the promotion section, click to edit your settings.  You can turn promotion to AUTO or MANUAL.


If you've set your paper to automatic promotion, your newsletters and notifications will be sent automatically for each new edition published.  Click on "Edit your social media sharing" to activate social media channels.




If you've set your paper to manual promotion, your newsletters and notifications will not be sent automatically for each new edition published.  Click on "Sent Notifications Now" when you're ready to send your emails and notifications.  



The Control Center calendar shows all scheduled publishing and promotion.  If Publishing is turned to Manual, there are no scheduled updates and no scheduled promotions.


Note:  If you are more familiar with the old paper settings and are looking for a setting, here's what went where after the change.

Quick guide to what went where!

The Setting is now found in the...
Notifications Control toggle

Control Center, under Promotion

("Notifications Control toggle" turned ON is equivalent to setting the Promotion toggle to Manual.)

Draft mode toggle

Control Center, under Publishing

("Draft mode toggle" turned ON is equivalent to setting the Publishing toggle to Manual.)


Create Draft/Open Draft buttons

Control Center, under Publishing when Publishing is set to Manual.

Publishing Schedule

Control Center, under Publishing when Publishing is set to Auto.

Fetch New Content

Control center, under Publishing > "View and Edit content sources" link.

Alternatively, you can access the button directly from Paper Setting Dashboard > Content

Send Notifications button

Control Center, under Promotion



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  • Avatar
    DOCOFILM (.com)

    Because I create manual editions (and there are more than just a few of us who use that feature), it confounds me why you decided to add not one, but two further steps we never used to have to take. Now, we have to click farther in, to the Control Center, to create a draft. And then, when the draft is created, we have to affirmatively click that button to see it rather than automatically being taken there like before.

    This was a case of bad judgment...

  • Avatar
    nomwesigwa martin

    wow this is amazing

  • Avatar
    Julia Yaziji

    Hi Docofilm, Thanks for that important feedback. The idea behind the Control Center was to create a more visual representation (via the calendar) of what effect manual/auto publishing and promotion have on the scheduling of a paper. We received a lot of feedback from users who found the different settings confusing. BUT, we hear you... For those users carefully curating each edition via manual publishing (i.e. draft mode), there are now more clicks.... so we're looking into creating a shortcut to make it less painful for you. Thanks for your patience while we make adjustments...

  • Avatar
    DOCOFILM (.com)

    Hi Julia, I noticed that you added the convenient Create Draft button back to the first-level controls, and that it proceeds straight to the Content Draft page. Thank you for considering and implementing the concern!

  • Avatar
    Julia Yaziji

    Thanks for your feedback! Best regards!

  • Avatar

    I only seem t be able to edit today's version of the paper. How do I edit previous editions of content I am not happy with.

  • Avatar
    Julia Yaziji

    Hi! When a new paper is created, the previous edition goes to the archives and is no longer editable. Although we can't remove individual articles, videos or images from an archived edition, we can delete the entire archived edition if necessary. If you need further assistance, please contact us at

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