Account Settings (Pro): Hide your publisher profile information

 Hide your publisher profile information


There are some situations where you may not want your name, publisher profile description, avatar or social media icons to appear on your paper.  For example, publishers who have embedded their paper into their own website using an iframe or one of our widgets may find the editor's information repetitive if their website includes this information.

In this case, you may hide your publisher profile information on your papers.  The change will apply to any embed (iframe or Nomad widget) you are using as well.

However, if you add content using the bookmarklet, your name and avatar will still appear as the "news sharer" under the article as we require showing the "source" for an article.  


 Hiding your publisher profile information requires at least one Pro paper subscription under the publisher account to unlock this option.


The publisher profile information is shown below - in the classic and modern layouts.


Publisher Profile - Classic layout





Publisher Profile - Modern layout




Hiding the publisher profile information in Account Settings


1.  Sign into the using "Sign in" button, top right.  

2. Once logged in, choose Main menu icon (top left):

Classic Design Main Menu icon

Modern Design Layout Main Menu icon


3. Click Account Settings.


4.  Choose the Publisher Profile tab.

5.  Un-click the "Display profile info ....." shown below. and click SAVE.




 Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 8.15.01 PM.png Haven't taken the Pro plunge yet for?  Go PRO!



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