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Adding your own content to your paper is possible using a public Google document and the bookmarklet.


To begin with, create a new Google document and give the document a title.  Add your text and an image.

An image can be added to a google document by going to the Document Menu Insert > Image.

When you are ready, you will then publish the document on the web and then add the document to your paper using the bookmarklet.  


Publishing a Google Document



  1.  If you are signed into gmail, click the menu icon, top right.  Screen_Shot_2018-03-09_at_11.03.32_AM.png
  2.  Open a document by selecting the Docs icon.  Screen_Shot_2018-03-09_at_11.03.42_AM.png

     3. Write your article and when you are ready, go to File > Publish to the web.


 4.  On next screen, be sure to click "automatically republish when changes are made" (seen below).

 5. When your article is ready to be added to your paper, copy the link shown in the box below and paste it in your browser.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.21.45 PM 2.png




6.  Use the bookmarklet on this published link to add the article to your paper.  (Be sure your article is ready before adding it to your paper-- read below section to understand why)



Making editing changes after adding the document to your paper


Once you have added your document to your paper, changes to your document will not be reflected on the paper itself due to the fact that once we encounter a URL, we save the extracted info (title, image, text extract) in temporary storage (cache) for approximately 7 days.  


So if you make a change to the title or change the image in the document and we’ve already seen the URL, we refer to our cache info, and do not capture those recent edits that were made.  


However, since always links back to the original source, your changes will be shown on the published google document, as long as you selected “Automatically republish when changes are made” in the menu shown above.


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