Facebook change affecting paper promotion

Effective 19 June 2017, Facebook made a change to their platform which unfortunately affects our ability to include the top article image and title when sharing the paper URL.

As a result, when sharing your paper URL on Facebook, you will notice that your post no longer includes the top article image and title.

We are working on an alternate solution in response to their change.  We're sorry for the inconvenience. 

NOTE: The change to Facebook's platform does not affect sharing on Linkedin.  You can continue to share your paper URL and choose to include the top article image and title.

You can also continue to share your paper URL with it's thumbnail image and paper information on both Facebook and Linkedin.



Alternate suggestion

Until we find a solution, we suggest the following alternative if you would like to share the top article image and article on Facebook and yet still link back to your paper:

From your Paper Settings Dashboard > Social Media Agent > Facebook:
1) Turn off Share web newspaper link
2) Turn on Share top article link.
3) Use the Call to Action option to link back to your paper.

Customizing the call-to-action overlay 
From your Paper Settings Dashboard > Social Media Agent > click on "Call-to-Action on Shared articles" to enable the feature and customize the messaging. In the Call-to-action button link, enter your paper URL. 

This will lead anyone who clicks on the article to your paper.

See more about the call-to-action overlay.

Example of customized call-to-action overlay that will appear once visit clicks your facebook "top article" link. 

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  • Avatar
    Dave Spathaky

    Is this still an issue. Dates unclear?

  • Avatar
    Julia Yaziji

    Hi Dave, Yes, we're still working on finding a way to include the top article info when sharing the paper URL on facebook. No update yet to report....

  • Avatar
    Gabby Hill-Braun

    the call-to-action overlay doesn't always appear (not at all via mobile) this is so disappointing :-(

  • Avatar
    Julia Yaziji

    Hi Gabby, we agree that the change to Facebook platform is very disappointing. :( We are looking into finding an alternate solution. Note that the call to action should be appearing on mobile. It appears on both desktop and mobile as long as the site supports frames.

  • Avatar

    Neither link nor top article will post to our Facebook page. The link to paper will only post to the Primary account personal page instead of the business page as selected during the setup phase. Disconnecting and reconnecting account has been done twice. Please advise.

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