Advertise! Add an Eventbrite widget to an ad unit

Screen_Shot_2017-08-03_at_9.30.53_AM.png Are you using Eventbrite for your event?  Install one of Eventbrite's embeds to promote your event directly on your paper.


1.  Eventbrite offers you several widgets to choose from to promote your event.  Create your own Eventbrite widget using these instructions.  Copy the code given after you are done creating your widget.  

2. From your Paper Settings Dashboard, click Web newspaper > Layout & appearance, then Ad units.  Choose/click on which ad position to install your video.  


Just to know....

classic layout paper has five ad units.  When creating your widget, note that since ads are placed on right column of your paper, the optimal width for classic layout is 300.  This may affect which Eventbrite widget works best. 


modern layout paper has four ad units.  There is no optimal width or height.


3.  Turn the toggle to ON, and click the Custom HTML option.



4.  Paste the code from Eventbrite into the Custom html code field.  

5.  Refresh the page to view the Eventbrite widget.

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