Advertise! Add a youtube video to an ad unit

Screen_Shot_2017-08-03_at_10.16.45_AM.png Install a youtube video into one of your ad units to advertise an upcoming event, your services, or your cause.  The video will remain on your paper until you remove it.


1.  Copy the embed code from the youtube video.

a. Under the youtube video you wish to add to your paper, click on "share", shown below.
b. Click embed, shown below.


c. Copy the code shown. 


2. From your Paper Settings Dashboard, click Web newspaper > Layout & appearance, then Ad units.  Choose/click on which ad position to install your video.  


Just to know....

classic layout paper has five ad units:


modern layout paper has four ad units:


3.  Turn the toggle to ON, and click the Custom HTML option.



4.   Paste the code from youtube into the Custom html code field.  

5.  Refresh the page to view the video.


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