Account Settings: Add an Email Login to an existing account

No longer obliged to choose between logging in with either Facebook or Twitter to create an account and login, we now offer our publishers the option to activate any combination of three login options: Facebook, Twitter and our new email login option!

If you're a publisher with an existing account, you can activate Email login (or social channel login) from the Email & Social Channel Login tab of your Account Settings.


Activate Email login

1.  Sign in to your account with the login credentials used to create your account.  



2. Once logged in, choose Main menu icon (top left):

Classic Design Main Menu icon

Modern Design Layout Main Menu icon


3.  Go to your Account Settings. 


4.  Choose the Email & Social Channel Login tab and scroll down to Email Login. To enable Email Login, we must verify your identity.  Authenticate your identity with the Social Channel account already enabled (either Facebook or Twitter).



5.  If your email address has not yet been verified, you will see message asking you to verify/confirm your email before continuing.  Click the "Resend confirmation" link and check your inbox (and spam folder if necessary) for an email with subject line "Confirm your email!". Once your email has been verified, authenticate your identity, as shown in Step 3.  


6.  Once you have successfully authenticated your identity, you are asked for a password.  Enter a password, click on 'show' to verify that you have entered your password correctly and click 'update'.  A green banner confirming success will be shown.


7.  Once Email Login is enabled, you may login using Email or the connected Social Channel(s) shown in the "Enable Social Channel Login' section.


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