Missing Tweets and Posts

 If your promo-tweets or promo-posts are not being sent out:


  • confirm that you have activated the social media channel in your paper settings by going to your Paper Settings Dashboard, click Social Media Agent, check that the social media channel is turned ON, and that you have chosen one of the two options of "choose what to share" shown below.

  • Check to see if your Promotion has been set to Manual. To check, visit your Control center and check the Promotion section to see whether your notifications (emails, posts, tweets) are going out automatically or need to be sent out manually.  



    If Promotion is set to Manual, you will get an email each time the paper is automatically updated informing you that your paper has been updated and is ready for review and promotion. Once you have edited and approved the content, you should manually push the "Send Notifications Now" button, shown above, and found in your Control Center.  

    If Promotion is set to Manual, no tweets, posts, (or newsletters) will be sent out until you approve your paper and click "Send Notifications Now".

  • check your Control center that you have not turned on Manual Publishing.  If you have Publishing set to Manual, your paper is not updating automatically and new posts will only go out only if and when you have published a new draft;
  • check that your paper has/had content for the day of the missing post or tweet;

  • check your settings in the social media channel to be sure that your app permissions have not been revoked.  Both Facebook and LinkedIn automatically revoke app permissions after 60 days.  If your app permissions have been revoked, you need to re-authenticate by turning off and back on the toggle.

  • In order for to post to a promotion channel, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all grant what is called an "access token", which gives us permission to post on your behalf.  Each social channel has their own rules regarding when the token permission expires.  

- Linkedin tokens expire after 60 days, when user revokes permission, or when password is changed.

- Twitter tokens expire when user revokes or password is changed

- Facebook tokens expire after 60 days, when user revokes permission or when password is changed. 

When your token expires, we will send you an email letting you know that you will need to turn off and back on the promotion channel in order to re-authenticate your permissions.  


Activation Switch is turned to the ON position




If app permissions have been revoked on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, the next time your paper attempts to auto-post, you will get an error message shown below.



If none of the cases above cases apply to you, tweet us at @paper_li with your paper URL and we can investigate.


Last Updated: January 5, 2017 Julia Yaziji 


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