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You are getting the following message:




Possible Cause:

1.  It's possible our service is temporarily having problems. You can indeed wait a few minutes and try again.  Check @paper_li  for any service announcements.

2.  Test whether the issue is local to your environment (i.e. a setting change -or- an extension/add-on installed in your browser), try viewing the page in another browser. If you can sign into with another browser, then the issue is local to your browser and is due to an add-on, extension or a setting.  

Some settings/extensions to check:

  • Check your browser settings to ensure you are not blocking cookies.  If you have that setting enabled, add to the exceptions.
  • If the above two suggestions are not helpful, you can go through the troubleshooting guidelines found for these browsers:


Internet Explorer




3.  If your paper is on a custom domain, and you are signing on with facebook or twitter, confirm that you have enabled third party cookies in your browser settings.   

The auth service (which runs on domain) cannot maintain the session during sign in flow when you do it from your custom domain. In that case cookie set by auth is 3rd-party.

If you want to have Twitter or Facebook sign in functional on your custom domain paper you must accept 3rd-party cookies.  


If these instructions aren't helping with your issue, tweet us at @paper_li with your paper URL and name of browser and we can investigate.  


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