You Can't Get Your Custom Domain Set Up Properly

If you have followed the instructions setting up your custom domain and are still having problems:


1. Have you waited 72 hours after registration with your DNS provider to test your new domain?  The registration of your custom domain URL can take up three days to be saved.

2.  Verify that not only is your custom domain configured with your DNS Manager, but that also the Custom Domain toggle switch is in the ON position in your settings, shown below and that you have entered your custom domain name in the box below the toggle switch.  This setting is found in Paper Settings Dashboard > Global settings > Custom Domain.

3. Test your domain by entering your custom domain name in the box and clicking the Save button.  CNAME should be pointing to  -or-  the A-record should be pointing to  If you are getting an error message, the fields in your DNS Manager are not set correctly.

4.  In your settings, your custom domain should be entered in field without the "www" and without the "http://", so that if the user does not enter the www in their browser, the URL will still be found.

Example: If you custom domain site name is, you would enter "" into the field.




If the steps above should not resolve the issue, please contact us on Twitter or use the email address sent to you via your PRO invoice.  For quicker support, (1) send us a snapshot of your DNS Manager interface to show us what the fields look like and (2) let us know what your pro paper domain/subdomain is.


Last update:  Julia Yaziji  August 19 2013

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