Font Settings Changes Are Not Saving in the Appearance Menu

From your Paper Settings Dashboard, under Layout & appearance, Look & feel, Font scheme, you have the option to set the font scheme.  Different fonts are available for the Paper Title, the Article Title and the text of the article itself.  

Troubleshooting:  If you change the font type and the changes do not show, check to see that your operating system has the font installed.   If the font is not installed on your Operating System, then the font will need to be installed on your computer before it can be used in

Best practices:  Note also that if your visitor does not have the particular font you have chosen installed, his/her browser will use another font, depending on what is installed on their machine.  

Tip:  For those who want to play it 'safe', there are three fonts that are installed by default on both Windows and Mac OS X:   Verdana, Georgia and Arial.


Want to know which fonts are installed on your computer?

For a PC user:

You can check to see which fonts are installed by accessing your Fonts folder on your PC.
To access your Fonts folder,
1. Click Start
2. Select Control Panel
3. Click Fonts (You may have to select Appearances and Themes first)
4. Select the View menu.  Installed fonts will be listed.

 For Mac Users:

 Check out this link here on how to locate your preinstalled fonts:



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    Hi - I am trying to add some context to my title using the asterisk to make letters bold within the title.  Whenever I add them before and after the letters, rather than convert those letters to bold when I save, they just display as asterisks.  What am I doing wrong?

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