Missing: Your Edit Icon/ Paper Settings Icon is Not Appearing



You don't see the main menu icon- top left, the Paper Settings Screen_Shot_2014-08-05_at_3.56.04_PM.png and/or the edit icons  Screen_Shot_2014-08-05_at_3.57.18_PM.png - top right on your paper.  (Note: Edit button only appears on classic layout)


Troubleshooting steps.  Which case applies to you?

1.  Using a custom domain and missing all three icons?  

Publishers of papers with custom domains should note that if you have turned ON your custom header, you need to click the ESC button on your keyboard which will bring up an overlay to sign into your custom domain. After signing in, you will see your publisher icons.  

Note:  If the ESC button is not working, make sure your cursor is on the body of the paper (click) and then click the ESC button. 

If you are using a mobile device with no ESC button, you may also add /signin to the end of your paper url which will also trigger the signin overlay.

2.  Missing the Edit icon only?  If you are using the classic layout and you don't see the Edit icon Screen_Shot_2014-08-05_at_3.57.18_PM.png but can see the Paper Setting icon  top right:  

If there is no Edit icon on the classic layout, there are two possibilities:

a) you are looking at an edition that has already been archived. The edit button will only appear on the most current edition and only if it has not already been archived.  

(Side note re archiving: For editions created using Automatic Publishing, the edition should remain editable until the next edition is created.  If you used Manual Publishing however to create and publish a draft, you can edit your published edition for up to 21 days after it has been published. After 21 days, the current edition is considered archived and no longer editable; you will no longer see the Edit button but your paper will remain online until your next published edition.  If you turn on and off Manual Publishing, you may shorten the amount of time your current edition remains editable.)

b) There is a setting in your browser or an extension that is blocking the Edit button from appearing.  To test if this is the case, sign into your paper on another browser.  If the Edit button appears when you view the same URL in the second browser, you can determine that the button is being blocked by your browser.  

Ad and malware blockers can prevent certain icons/buttons from not appearing on some websites. Some extensions to check that are known to cause issues are here.

3. Missing only the Paper Settings and Edit icons but can see the main menu icon, top left?  

This usually indicates that you have accidentally logged into a account using a different social media account or email account than what was used when you created your paper.  

How do you verify whether you have logged into the same publisher account that you used to create the paper?

Check the left side-bar under "My papers".  If you don't see your paper there, you are not logged into the same account you used to create the paper.  




If none of the cases above cases apply to you, contact us for help or tweet us at @paper_li.  Be sure to let us know your paper's URL.


Last update:  June 1, 2017 Julia Yaziji

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