Missing: Your Edit Icon/ Paper Settings Icon is Not Appearing



You are signed in, but you don't see the edit icon  Screen_Shot_2014-08-05_at_3.57.18_PM.png  and/or the Paper Settings icon Screen_Shot_2014-08-05_at_3.56.04_PM.png(upper right) on your paper.


Troubleshooting steps:

1.  For users with custom domains who see no icons at all (no Main Menu, Paper Settings or Edit button icons) visible in their header:

Publishers of papers with custom domains should note that if you have turned ON your custom header, you need to push the ESC button on  your keyboard which will bring up an overlay to sign in. Click (either by Email, Facebook or Twitter) to sign in, and you will be able to access your Edit menu again.  

If the ESC button does not work add #signin to the end of your paper url, click your cursor on the body of your paper and hit enter.  Depending on the browser you use, if you keep your cursor in the search bar, the sign-in may not activate. Make sure your cursor is on the body of the paper (click) and then hit the return key. 

Note:  If you have clicked the ESC button on your keyboard and the overlay to sign on is still not appearing, check that you have not installed a pop-up blocker and that your mouse pointer is not in the search bar when you click ESC.

2.  For users who do not see the Edit icon but can see the Paper Setting icon , top right:  

If you used Manual Publishing to create and publish a draft, you can edit your published edition for up to 21 days after it has been published. After 21 days , the paper is considered archived and no longer editable; you will no longer see the Edit button but your paper will remain online until your next published edition.

3.  For users who do not see the Edit icon but continue to see the Paper Settings icon  , top right:   

If your edition you wish to edit was created automatically according to your Publishing schedule or using the "Fetch new content" button, the published edition will only be editable for the time chosen in your paper's Control Center.   

4.  If you are viewing a paper in the archives, the Edit icon will not appear.  

5.  If both the Edit icon and the Paper Settings icon are missing, verify that you are signed into the same account that created the paper.  

It is possible that you have accidentally logged into a account using a different social media account or email account than what was used when you created your paper.  

How do you verify whether you have logged into the same publisher account that you used to create the paper?

Check the left side-bar under "My papers".  If you don't see your paper there, you are not logged into the same account you used to create the paper.  

6.  If only the Edit icon is missing, test whether the issue is local to your environment (i.e. an extension/add-on installed in your browser), by visiting the paper in another browser and signing in as the publisher. Before continuing, check the left sidebar menu to ensure you see your paper listed in the "My papers" section.   

If you have verified you are signed into the correct publisher account and can view the Edit icon in another browser, the issue is likely local to your browser and could be due to an add-on or an extension.  

Some extensions to check:

  • Check your browser to ensure that you don't have any ad blockers or malware blocker installed. If you do, disable the extension for  Clear cache and retry.  Ad and malware blockers can prevent certain icons/buttons from not appearing on some websites.   
  • If the above two suggestions are not helpful, you can go through the troubleshooting guidelines found for these browsers:


Internet Explorer





If none of the cases above cases apply to you, tweet us at @paper_li with your paper URL and name (and version) of browser and we can investigate.  


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