Incorrect Paper Title or URL in Your Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin Post


If you have changed the title of your paper, you have recently changed the URL of your paper, or you have enabled Auto-Promote Redirect, your promo-posts will not reflect those changes unless you re-set your auto-post settings.  

Re-set your auto-post

If you already had your promo-post and promo-tweets activated on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, then your default text has been set with your old URL and/or title.  

To reset the text to show your new URL and/or Title, move the main switch for the channel to the OFF position, and then turn back to ON.  

The activation switches are found in your Paper Settings Dashboard > Social Media Agent module.   Re-set the toggle for any social settings turned on.



To update a new paper title or URL in your promo-posts, turn the switch OFF and then ON again, and re-connect the social channel with your relevant credentials for that channel.


If these instructions aren't helping with your issue, tweet us at @paper_li with your paper URL and name of browser and we can investigate.  


Last updated:  April 6 2016 Julia Yaziji

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