Bookmarklet: No Content Detected


You are using the bookmarklet to add content but the bookmarklet is giving you the error "no content found" or simply does not load on the page.


For https pages:  If you have installed the bookmarklet before August 2013, you may have to re-install the new bookmarklet so that the bookmarklet is able to find content.  Delete the bookmarklet and reinstall.

Other pages:  

Is the page a root domain? An example of a root domain is  This URL is not pointing to an article but rather to a main page. bookmarklet will only recognize articles that point to a specific article.  i.e. URLs in the format

Is the page an article? Our service was designed to recognize articles, photos, and/or videos.  If the page is not an article or does not include an image, we will not recognize the page as "content".  For example, most pages from would not recognized by the bookmarklet.  Occasionally, content from these kinds of pages are recognized but they are the exception rather than the rule.



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