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Email can be "lost" for many reasons. Diagnosing the reason is not always a simple task.  If you have stopped receiving your email notifications, here are some troubleshooting steps to take (from simplest to more complicated).



1.  Did the paper have content for that day? If there was no content for the edition, no email will be sent.

2. Did you create the newsletter by clicking the "fetch new content" button found in your Content tab (for Automatic Publishing mode)? Newsletters are not automatically sent if you create a new edition using the "fetch new content" button.  (You can still send a newsletter manually for an edition created with the "fetch new content" button by changing your Promotion setting in your Control Center to Manual and then clicking "send notifications now".

3.  Could the emails be going to another email address?  Ask us to verify that we see your email address in our subscriber database.  

4.  Have you added our address <> to your contact list?  If not, the message could be going to your spam or quarantined folder.

5.  Check your spam, trash, quarantined email, and archive folders.  The messages may have been re-routed by your email client to another folder or may have been re-routed by a filter you have set up yourself.  To do this, search for emails from

6.  Are you forwarding the email to others?  If so, if one of the recipients clicks "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email, he will unsubscribe you from the paper.

7.  Ask us to check our email logs to verify that our logs show an email was sent and that there is no record of the email in our bounce log.  To make this request, please provide your email address, the date the email was expected, the paper URL, and the type of email that was sent (subscription email or publisher notification email, etc).  Once we have verified that we have sent the email, the email needs to be traced on the recipient's side.  We don't have control over how the recipient's server or email client handles the message

8.  If you are receiving the emails to a company address, check with your IT Department to verify that there are no firewalls or filters in place that would prevent the emails from coming through.

9.  It is also often the case that email providers filter certain kinds of messages without the recipient’s knowledge — to provide “a better service”.  Check with your email provider to see if  the message was filtered by some server-side rules that you have no control over.  The provider can look in its mail server logs to check.  You will need to tell them the "From" address used ( , your email address, and the time/date that the message was sent.

10.   If you use a combination of desktop programs like Outlook or Thunderbird and are checking your email using multiple email programs, it is possible that the message was delivered but you may not be able to find the message. This happens when one program downloads and deletes the message, making it appear in the other program that the email never arrived.  What to do?  Ask your email provider to check their email logs to see if the email message was ever actually received.  You will need to tell them the "From" address used (, your email address, and the time/date that the message was sent.

11  Are you receiving email notifications from us that your paper is ready for review, but no new edition emails or curated newsletter?

If so, your promotion may be in "manual mode".  To check, visit your Control center and check the Promotion section to see whether your notifications (emails, posts, tweets) are going out automatically or need to be sent out manually.  



If Promotion is set to Manual, you will get an email each time the paper is automatically updated informing you that your paper has been updated and is ready for review and promotion. Once you have edited and approved the content, you should manually push the "Send Notifications Now" button, shown above, and found in your Control Center.  

If Promotion is set to Manual, no newsletters (or tweets) will be sent out until you approve your paper and click "Send Notifications Now".  Instead, you will receive an email letting you know your paper has updated and is ready for your review.



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