You Are Seeing Ads on Your Paper That Should Not Be There


You see ads on your paper that should not be showing.  Perhaps you have your ads turned off, yet you are seeing unwanted ads on your paper.  Or, you may be seeing ads added to your paper in an odd location.  

Troubleshooting steps:

1.)  If you are seeing unwanted ads, you should verify that your ads are turned OFF in your settings.  

From your Paper Settings Dashboard, click Layout & Appearance, then Ad Units.

Turn off any or all ad units by switching the toggle to the OFF position.  


2.)  Check your paper in another browser.  If you don't see ads in the same positions, the browser you were using may have an extension installed that is serving up unwanted ads.

While most browser extensions can help personalize your Web experience and add additional functionality, some browser extensions serve up unwanted ads on webpages, because of unwanted, added code installed.  

Although some of these extensions may have started out as being helpful, the added code may have been added when the extension was purchased by an adware company.  The code to track and/or inject ads is normally added through automatic updates and disguised as an "improvement/update".


Well-known examples are:  Add to Feedly, Tweet This Page, OneNote Web Clipper extensions.

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To correct this problem, disable or delete any recent extensions you may have installed.



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