Missing: Share Icons (Left Column) For Facebook, Twitter, etc


Screen_Shot_2014-08-04_at_9.46.17_AM.png The social sharing column found on the left side of your paper is not showing.


Possible causes:  

1) Check that you have not inadvertantly turned off the social sharing column in your settings. Check your Paper Settings Dashboard > Layout & appearance > Layout widgets > be sure that Display share widget is turned on.

2) You can test whether the issue is local to your environment (i.e. a setting -or- an extension/add-on installed in your browser), by viewing the page in another browser. If you can view the social sharing column in another browser, the issue is local to your browser and could be due to a browser add-on or extension.

Some browser addon/extensions to check:

  • Check your browser to ensure that you don't have any ad or malware blocker installed. If you do, disable the extension for  Clear cache and retry.  Ad and malware blockers can prevent certain icons/buttons from not appearing on your paper when signed in.   
  • If the above two suggestions are not helpful, you can go through the troubleshooting guidelines found for these browsers:


Internet Explorer



3.  Are you using the News Page App (on a WIX site)?

The social sharing column does not show on the News Page App. Why? Your News Page is installed within the framework of your WIX site. We advise you to install a social sharing column (via third-party widget Addthis) in your WIX site page so that you have more flexibility on which buttons show and where they show.   Addthis explains how to add it here.


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