Promote! Add a subscription widget to your blog or website

PRO badge.png  Embed an email signup form on your blog or website.  Visitors to your site can now subscribe to your newsletter directly without ever leaving your site!  Promote your paper and newsletter on an outside website by adding a subscription widget. 


This easy to customize email signup form lets your readers subscribe directly to your paper’s newsletter from your site. It’s quick, efficient and easy to use.




Create your subscription widget

1.  From your Paper Settings Dashboard > Web Newspaper > Subscription box embed to view the overlay to customize your subscription widget.  

2.  Customize the subscription widget by clicking on the text fields and begin typing. Your changes will be automatically visible in the preview window.

To customize your background color and button color, you can either use our color picker or you can manually enter a code if you have it handy. We will automatically adjust the font from light to dark based on the background color you choose.

You'll be able to preview the result of your customizations before copying the code.



3.  Paste the copied code into your site or blog!  Voila!   




Advanced tip:  To find out how to show an image in the background of the widget, check out our advanced "how to" article which explains the modifications needed to have the same effect shown in the example site above.


 Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 11.26.47 PM.png Using Subscription widget on websites that require https

If you would like to use the Subscription widget in a site that uses https protocol, you will simply click the checkbox at the bottom of the screen.


Using the Subscription widget on websites that strip javascript

We recognize there is an issue for some users who would like to embed the Subscription widget on platforms that strip javascript.  For a possible workaround, take a look at the help article here.


 Last updated:  Julia, July 14, 2016


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