Mentions in tweets: what does it mean?

Mentions in tweets:  If you have been mentioned in a promo-tweet promoting a paper, you shared public content on Twitter that a publisher found interesting and relevant to his/her paper.  Your @username has been mentioned in the promo-tweet to recognize you for the great content you have shared and you are also recognized on the paper itself as the "news spotter".  

But wait, you say, I'm not the author of the content:  Not to worry. You aren't promoted as the author of the content, but only the person who shared the news.  In fact, we always link the reader back to the original source content so that site and author gets the traffic driven back to their site. 




Don't want to be mentioned in a promo-tweet?

If you don't want to be mentioned in any further promo-tweets, simply tweet us at  @newscrier and your @username will be placed on the promotional tweet blacklist. 



Requesting us to stop mentions of your username will not prevent your content from making it to a headline, nor will it prevent your name from going out if a publisher creates their own promo tweet manually. If you do not want to have your content included in a paper, please tweet us and we will block your webpage and/or username from our service.





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