How to view the contributors to a paper

Every day news spotters and publishers are helping millions of content creators be discovered. We appreciate and value the entire publishing value chain and believe everyone should get recognition: publishers, news spotters and the site or author of the content. 


Publisher: the publisher (curator of the information) gets recognized for their work each time they tweet, post or share their paper with the world. 


Site or Author of content: We always link the reader back to the original source content so that site and author gets the traffic driven back to their site. No articles, photos or videos are stored for viewing on site at 


News Spotter: is recognized for the content they shared each time their @username or Facebook account name is mentioned in a manual or automatic promo tweet. For each article shared on a paper we include the news spotter.

A note regarding retweets (RTs): we attribute the 1st news spotter that shared the link for your edition period, not the 1st person who ever shared that link since this is not possible to reproduce depending on when the original tweet has been posted!  


Under articles, images, and videos, there is a "shared by" icon.  Clicking on it....



...will reveal the tweet, Facebook or G+ post that was used to pull in the item.



If the source was an RSS feed, it will show like this:


And if the publisher has found and added the item him/herself (via the bookmarklet), the "shared by" avatar will bring you to the publisher's account profile.  



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