How can I stay informed of what's new at

Don't be the last to know.   There are several ways to stay informed on what new features we've implemented at

  • Stay tuned to our blog;

  • Follow us on Twitter;

  • If you "follow" the Announcements section in Support, you will be emailed each time a new announcement is made.  To follow announcements, sign into support first, then click "Follow", top right of the section.  You can only follow a section when you are signed in.

  • Like us on Facebook.

  • We email updates to publishers only if your email address has been verified -and- you have selected in your publisher account settings the option to receive notifications regarding occasional updates.  

In your Account Settings, under the Email & Social Channel Login tab, be sure that (1) you have checked the option box next to "Email notifications"  -and- (2) that your email has been "verified".    If necessary, you may click "resend confirmation" in your publisher settings and verify your email.





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