Select the language of the Content, menus, promo-tweets, emails

Language Setting for Source Articles Fetched

When you create a new paper, you choose the language of the content collected on the first screen (option to choose language only appears after you begin to type at least three characters).  

If you would like to edit the language of your content (English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch*, Portuguese, or Italian*) after your paper has been created or change your content to include any language you can visit your paper settings and select your choice. 


To find your language settings in your Paper Settings Dashboard, choose Content > Advanced SettingsContent language.




Language setting for paper settings menus, topics, and bookmarklet

Although you as the publisher have control over the language of the articles that are fetched, your readers control which language they see the menu, date headings of your paper, and the bookmarklet.

In the footer of your paper, the reader has the following language choices: EN DE FR ES PT 日本語.


Language setting for the News Page App (on a WIX site) for settings menus, topics, and bookmarklet

Using the News Page App on your WIX site?  For papers created with the News Page app, the language of the paper menus and topic sections will depend on the language set in the reader's browser.  Email subscription emails are in English.



Language of promo tweets

The language of the promo-tweets is based on the language setting you the publisher have selected for the content of the course articles fetched.  (See Language Setting for Source Articles Fetched above)


Language of notification emails

The language used for email subscription/newsletters is not set globally by the publisher for all his readers.

Instead, it is based on the individual subscriber's language settings chosen in the paper footer for the paper at the moment they subscribed to the paper.  (See Language setting for viewing the paper above)

For a subscriber to change the language he is receiving the emails, he should unsubscribe to the paper, change the language settings of the paper using the options in the footer, and then resubscribe. 


* Fetching content in Dutch and Italian is in beta.  Although we are able to fetch content in both those languages,  not all functionality is available.  As a result, if you are searching for content in these languages, the tweets and the User Interface will nevertheless default to English .  


Updated: February 12, 2014, Julia Yaziji


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