Add content from your Twitter account


 Publishers that have activated their Twitter account on their paper can choose how their Twitter account is added as a source in six different ways.

  • Your timeline links: pulls from all your tweets and retweets, plus tweets from everyone you follow.

  • Your tweeted links: pulls from your tweets and retweets.

  • Your Twitter lists: pulls from your curated Twitter list(s).  A Twitter list is a curated list you create in Twitter of Twitter users who tweet about a specific topic.  

  • Your Private Twitter lists:  pulls from your private, curated Twitter list(s).
  • Your preferred / saved Twitter searches

  • Your liked tweets: pulls from tweets you've liked.  Liked tweets will be curated into your paper based on the date of the original tweet itself, not the date you liked the tweet. 


Add content from your Twitter Account

  • From your Paper Settings Dashboard, click Content > Add content sources > Add Twitter sources > Your Twitter account.



  • Click to connect your account.  Once you've signed in, you will then have access to your timeline links, tweeted links, liked tweets and/or lists.
  • To add a source from your Twitter account to your list of sources, click the Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 4.52.04 PM.png sign.  Once added, the sign turns to .


 Note:  If you have a protected twitter account, only confirmed followers have access to your tweets and complete profile.  This means that is not able to access your account.


Last edited:  Julia Yaziji March 14, 2016 

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