Add content! Add the Publish it! bookmarklet to the bookmark bar

The "Publish it!" bookmarklet is a great way to add your favorite content - from anywhere on the web - to your paper.  Once the bookmarklet is added to your bookmarks bar, you can add images, videos or an article.  But first, you need to install the bookmarklet on the bookmarks bar of your browser.

Install the "Publish it!" bookmarklet

1.  Check that your bookmarks bar* is showing in your browser.  If not, go to your browser menu under View and click the option to show bookmarks or favorites bar.

2. From your Paper Settings Dashboard > Content tab > Manually add an article.

3. Click and drag the Screen_Shot_2014-03-04_at_9.44.54_PM.png button to your bookmarks bar.




Boom!  Done!  The next time you are on a web page that has content of interest (video, images or an article), click on the bookmarklet you added to your bookmarks bar and we'll show you a list of what we find on that page.


* A bookmarks bar is the bar shown under the navigation bar which holds your most frequently used bookmarks.  


Bookmarks bar with Publish it! Bookmarklet addedScreen_Shot_2014-02-13_at_11.00.06_AM.png 

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Last updated:  March 4, 2016 



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