Access your Paper Settings Dashboard

Your Paper Settings Dashboard is your control center for your paper.  Each paper you create has its own Paper Settings Dashboard that you will configure.  All settings in your Dashboard apply only to the paper you are viewing.


Access the Paper Settings Dashboard on News Page App (on a WIX site)

Using the News Page App on your WIX site?  To get to your Paper Settings Dashboard, click anywhere in the body of your News Page > Settings > Edit paper.  From there, you can edit your Content, Promotion & emails, Stats and other general settings.


Access the Paper Settings Dashboard on

1. Once you are signed in, you will see a list of all papers created under your publisher account in the main menu, by clicking on the main menu settings icon located top left

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 1.40.56 PM 2.png

2.  Each paper has its own Paper Settings Dashboard menu.  First, select the paper you wish to configure from the list of papers in the main menu.


Select your paper


3.  Once you've selected a paper, click on the cog icon Screen_Shot_2014-02-11_at_2.36.54_PM.png located top right  to access your Paper Settings Dashboard.


PRO badge.png  Pro publishers: see no icons at all at the top of your paper?  If you have your custom header turned ON, don't forget you will need to press ESC on your keyboard to sign in and view your menu!  


Paper Settings Dashboard Menu  Screen_Shot_2014-02-11_at_2.36.54_PM.png


 * WIX users using the News Page app will not see all menu options above.


Now what?  Learn how to access your paper's Control center to control your publishing and promotion settings. 



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