How to sign-in, sign-out

Creating an account

When you sign into, a publisher account is automatically created.  If you used Twitter or Facebook to sign in, your name, profile description  and your avatar is pulled and used as the default data for your Publisher account.  


Signing in

To sign into, click the "Sign in"  button on the top right corner. *


Signing out

To sign out, click the main menu icon, top left.

Classic Design Main Menu icon

Modern Design Layout Main Menu icon



PRO badge.png

 * Pro publishers: Once you have signed in and have selected your paper, if you don't see any icons at the top of your paper, don't forget that if you turned your custom header to ON, you will need to press ESC on your keyboard to view your menus!



And now?  Learn how to access and review your Publisher account settings. Your account settings are global settings that apply to all papers under your account and includes your name, avatar, email, email, among others.  


Last updated:  Julia Yaziji April 7 2016 

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