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We created to help you more easily collect and share the content that's relevant to you and your community.  With our new Genius source, creating a paper with focused content that updates as often as you want has never been easier.  

Interested in a subject?  The first step is to enter some keywords to create a search.  Or, paste in the URL of an article that you're interested in and we'll analyze the text and create an automatic search based on keywords found.  

Whether you're publishing a paper to monitor content around a specific subject, attract and engage new followers or build community, we offer a bunch of tools and features to help you get the job done.


Creating your paper is the first step.  The best part's free to try!

1. On our home page, click the "Get started" button.


2.  You will be asked to create an account and sign up using an Email address, Twitter or Facebook account.  


3. What do you want your paper to be about?  

 Enter a few keywords to get started -or- paste in the URL of an article (new!) that interests you.



 TIP!  If you paste in the URL of an article that interests you, we analyze the article to pull out keywords and create an automatic search to find similar, relevant articles.  

Searching with an article URL is an ultra-fast way to quickly unearth similar content, which will be updated, automatically, as often as you wish!  



4.  Click the Preview Content button to review some sample results.   

Using the URL of an article or the keywords you've entered, Genius Source pulls from the millions of articles from social media sources and from RSS feeds to present to you a preview of some related content.

With the new Genius source, we've given you the power to leverage the millions of articles we collect each day and unearth the most relevant and trending content out there.  


5.  If your previewed content looks interesting, create a free paper!  (If not, try again with additional key words or an article URL) Once you create a paper, your paper will be updated, automatically, according to the Publishing Schedule you set.  You receive for each edition an email notifying you of fresh content.

6.  Continue to add other sources based on what you or others are sharing on social media or, add a website. Whenever new content on the website is added, it will be pulled into the new edition of your paper.  Find out more here

Once you're happy with the content, promote your paper on Twitter for free!

 PRO badge.png You can upgrade for more promoting and customization options. A Pro subscription includes all three Pro modules Social Media Agent, Web Newspaper and Newsletter Service, plus more editorial control.   Find out more ->


Now what?  Next, learn how to access your paper settings from the Paper Settings Dashboard.  


Last updated: Julia, June 16, 2016 


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