Access your Account Settings

Publisher's Account Settings

Your Account Settings will allow you to view and change your publisher account's global settings.  Account settings apply to all the papers you publish under that account.  

You'll also be able to view a list of your papers under the publisher account, their subscription status, and renewal date.  You may delete a paper, cancel a subscription, or upgrade a paper as well.  


Find your Account Settings:

1.  Sign into by clicking on the "sign in" button, top right.

2.  Click the Main Menu icon, top left

Classic Design Main Menu icon

Modern Design Layout Main Menu icon

3.  Click Account Settings, shown below.

4.  Choose between the Publisher Profile, Email & Social Channel Login, and Your Papers tab on the left.  The Billing Info tab will only appear if you have a Pro paper.

Under the Publisher Profile tab, you can edit:  

Under the Email & Social Channel Login, you can edit:
  • your contact email for marketing emails, paper update notifications, and service announcements  (Note that editing your publisher email address does not affect your billing email.)
  • how you choose to login (via Email, Facebook or Twitter)
  • You will also find a link to resend an email to verify/confirm your email.

Under the Your papers tab, you will find:

  • an overall list of your papers, along with their subscription status and renewal dates
  • buttons to upgrade, cancel your Pro subscription, delete a paper, or download your subscribers.

Under Billing Info (Pro only) tab, you will find:

  • the billing address we have on file
  • your VAT number.  A VAT (Value Added Tax) number only applies to businesses located in the European Union and is optional.
  • a link to the billing information we have on file, which allows you to download past invoices and edit your billing information for each Pro subscription under the account.  Note that if you have more than one Pro subscription, that billing email and billing information is stored separately.


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Last updated:  Julia, April 7 2016


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  • Avatar
    Ademir R. Cruz

    Não estou conseguindo editar meu jornal "As Ultimas Noticias" para fazer algumas atualizações principalmente no meu endereço do facebook.

  • Avatar
    Julia Yaziji

    Hi Ademir, Please [submit a request]( so we can help you and describe what the issue is. Are you not able to sign on? It's not clear to me how to help you.

  • Avatar
    Sonia Lee

    I couldn't find where I put my email address ?

  • Avatar
    Sonia Lee

    and my password for my account Facebook or Twitter?

  • Avatar
    Julia Yaziji

    Hi Sonia, Not sure if you are talking about signing in or do you wish to edit your email for your account? If you are looking where to sign in, see this article:

    If you wish to update/change your email on your account after you are already signed in, go to the top left main menu icon > Account settings > click on Email & Social Channel Login and you will find an email field you can edit.

    If this clarification does not help, write us using this link:

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    alternative media

    Très bien

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