Customize your title! Add a textile modifier or trademark ® to the paper title

Want to give the title of your paper a personal touch? Add a textile modifier or registered trademark! You might also want to consider our Pro package with extended branding options!


Spiff up your paper title with:

 Note: Textile modifiers can only be added to papers using the classic layout.


imageedit_10_9019497066.png Italics!


imageedit_10_9019497066.png Bold!


imageedit_10_9019497066.png Subscript or Superscript!



imageedit_10_9019497066.png Registered Trademark!



Add textile modifiers or registered trademark

1. Click on Screen_Shot_2014-02-11_at_10.36.13_PM.png on the top right of your paper to access your paper's "edit mode".  

2. Once in edit mode, click directly in the Title field to edit.

3.  In the Title field, add your text.

  • To add a superscript : make it ^_high_^ = make it high

  • To add a subscript : make it ~*_low_*~ = make it low

  • To add Italics: _italics_ = italics

  • To add bold formatting: *bold* = bold

  • To add bold italics: _*bold italics*_ = bold italics

  • To add a registered trademark: 

    If you are using a  Mac, click Alt+R 

    If you are using a PC, type "®"






4.  Click Screen_Shot_2014-02-11_at_11.03.10_PM.png  to exit edit mode.


Last updated: Julia Yaziji May 16, 2017

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