(Pro) For Facebook and Linkedin, add a thumbnail image for your paper

A thumbnail image is used to represent your paper on the Newsstand.  It's also the image included when you have selected (via the Social Media Agent module setting) to share your web newsletter link and have selected to include your paper info and thumbnail image on Facebook or Linkedin.    


Add a thumbnail image

  • From your Paper Settings Dashboard > Social Media AgentPaper thumbnail to upload an image.

  • Click Screen_Shot_2014-02-17_at_3.03.30_PM.png to upload your image.  

  • See our summary of recommended sizes.

  • You must own the copyright or have the necessary rights for any content you upload.


Show your thumbnail image when sharing your paper URL (Facebook/Linkedin)

  • Go to your Paper Settings Dashboard > Social Media Agent module. 
  • Under Facebook or Linkedin, turn the toggle to ON.
  • Under "Share web newspaper link", select "Include paper info and thumbnail image"


Paper without a thumbnail image



Paper with a thumbnail image



Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 11.26.47 PM.pngFor sharing across networks please note:

  • Changes will usually be reflected with the next automatic update of your paper

  • Some services can take up to 7 days before presenting your new image. This is due to the expiration set on their image cache and we unfortunately can't influence this.

  • If you paste your URL into a status update field, depending on the social platform you are on, you may need to toggle between the gray standard P and your cover image. Once you select the cover image and save, it will be displayed.

  • If you are sharing your paper via the standard share icons found under the SHARE tab, (such as Twitter, G+, FB) your thumbnail will be automatically identified and displayed. 



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Last updated: Julia Yaziji September 20, 2016

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