Layout widgets! Enable comments on your paper

If you would like to have a facebook-powered commenting section (Discussion Corner) on your paper's front page, simply:

From your Paper Settings Dashboard, click Web newspaperLayout & appearance Layout widgets, then turn Facebook commenting widget toggle to ON.  

Comments added to the Discussion corner are saved from edition to edition. 

Note:  this add-on has been discontinued on the modern layout.




You can de-activate the discussion corner at any time again.


Post to Facebook Checkbox

The comment box will require that your readers sign into Facebook in order to comment, but they can choose whether or not their comment posts to Facebook by checking/unchecking the 'Also post on Facebook' checkbox.


Deleting Comments

To delete your own comment from a paper, move your mouse over the comment box and an edit pencil will appear in the upper right corner, along with the option to delete.  Note that deleting a comment on a paper will not delete the comment on Facebook (and vice versa).

To delete a reader's comment from a paper, move your mouse over the comment box and an 'x' will appear in the upper right corner.  The only way to delete a comment that is not your own is to mark it as spam.



Special note for publishers using the News Page App (on a WIX site)

Using the News Page App on your WIX site?  All layout and color controls are found by accessing your WIX page settings.  Click anywhere on the body of your Newspaper to see Settings button, shown below.  From there, you can edit the text color, choose a font, and choose a general color scheme.  WIX does not allow for a Facebook Discussion widget.




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Last Updated:  Julia Yaziji  March 28, 2016

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