Trending Hashtags

Trending Hashtags (for papers with content found on Twitter)

We take a look at all the tweets found from your twitter sources (hashtag searches, twitter users, favorited tweets, and/or twitter lists) and examine the #tags included in all the tweets for that paper edition. Trending Hashtags are defined to be the two most popular #tags found in the tweets pulled from all your twitter sources in an edition.  Because they represent a calculated result, they cannot manually be chosen.

Trending hashtags can be used in two ways: as additional topic sections (in classic layout) -and/or- included when you have chosen to activate sharing of your web newspaper.

Trending hashtags as additional topic sections

In addition to the Topic Sections on your published paper, "Trending Hashtags" may appear as two additional "topic sections" in your paper's Topic Bar Menu (applies to the classic layout).  




For Pro, to turn on / off trending hashtags in your paper sections, go to your Paper Settings Dashboard, click Content > Advanced SettingsPaper Sections > Select Paper Sections.  Only Pro papers are able to edit their Paper Sections.

Trending hashtags are an on/off category and not a top-level filter as are the other Covered Topics.  They are simply an additional category that can be shown in your Topic Bar Menu. 


Trending hashtags added to your "share web newspaper" auto-post 

Trending hashtags for each paper edition can also be included automatically each time you share the paper edition URL on twitter.

To turn on / off trending hashtags in your auto-tweet of your web newspaper, go to your  Paper Settings Dashboard > Social Media Agent module > click Twitter toggle > Share Web Newspaper > turn on/off Include hashtags.


Last updated:  Julia Yaziji August 30, 2015




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