Edit Mode! Edit title, subtitle, editor's note, publisher profile...

On your marks, get set....Enter Edit Mode!


For a paper using the classic layout:

  • to edit your paper, you must first click the edit button Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 10.36.13 PM.png on the top right of your paper.  
  • once in edit mode, you can simply click in the title, subtitle, editor's note, publisher name fields to edit the text.  
  • When done with editing, to exit edit mode, click the red edit button Screen_Shot_2017-02-27_at_1.20.15_PM.png or Screen_Shot_2017-02-27_at_1.20.44_PM.png


For a paper using the modern layout:

  • You do not have an edit button.
  • Simply click in the title, subtitle, editor's note, publisher name fields to edit the text.


* News Page App (on a WIX site)

Using the News Page App on your WIX site?  A paper on a WIX site has two difference when it comes to editing title, subtitle, editor's note. (1) Once you are looking at your paper settings, you will see an edit button, top right.  Click the edit button and you will then see Screen_Shot_2017-03-01_at_5.26.43_PM.png next to the fields you may edit.  (2) Your publisher name is not shown/editable since this information is assumed to be on your WIX site.




Editing your paper title?

If you have auto-promote already activated (for Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter) and you change the name of your paper, you must go to your Paper Settings Dashboard, select Promotion & emails to turn OFF and then back ON the toggle switch(s) for Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn in order to re-set the title in your default auto-promote text.





Updated: Julia Yaziji February 14, 2014 Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 12.02.11 PM.png

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