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Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 8.15.01 PM.png Supercharge your blog or website by embedding one of our news widgets and treat readers to your curated content!




Choose from one of three different embeds to supercharge your blog or website:

  • Headlines widget: a smaller size, customizable widget which features your headlines only. Default width is 200px.   Example

  • Nomad widget:  presents another customizable, alternate view of your entire paper.   Default (and minimum) dimensions are 390px width by 480px height. Example A,  Example B 

  • iframe: embed your entire paper, with any customizations, custom ads, and top banner intact.  Example


Where to find the HTML code for the widgets or iframe

You can find the HTML code for all three embeds in your Paper Settings Dashboard under the Web Newspaper module > Website Embeds.   Click to make your selection of widget (or iframe ).  Then click "View the HTML code" to open the overlay where you can customize and preview the widget.   

!!  If your website is using https, don't forget to click the box so that the code is customized for https.


How to implement the widget or iframe

  • Once you have finished customizing your embed, copy and paste the code found in the overlay window for your chosen embed into your website or blog.

  • Read more about how to customize the Headlines widget: change the background color, size, text and remove the label.  The Headlines widget can also be adjusted for pages that use https protocol.

  • Read more about how to customize the Nomad widget: change the default border, background color, font color and size, hide the logo, share create paper and subscription icons.  The Nomad widget can also be adjusted for pages that use https protocol. 

  • Read more about how to customize your iframe: how to adjust width, height and adjust the code for pages that use https protocol.  Also, check out the article if you have installed javascript in your paper header or footer, and would like the code to apply to your iframed paper...
  • Note:  Since a Google Site does not allow you to simply copy and paste in HTML code to insert one of our widgets or iframe into your site, adding your paper to a Google Site is not done with a regular embed.  Instead, you will need to add one of their "gadgets" to embed your paper. If you wish to embed your paper into your Google Site, see these instructions.  


 Please note: We recognized there is an issue for some users who would like to embed the Nomad and Headlines widgets on platforms that strip JS, and have set up a work-around for it.


* News Page App (on a WIX site)

Using the News Page App on your WIX site?  Embeds are not available since your News Page App is itself an embed in your WIX site.




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Last updated:  August 2016 Julia Yaziji

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