Promote! Customize your promo-posts on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn

Customize your promo-posts to make a better impact !


Only you know the audience you are trying to reach, inspire, or promote to.  We've put the control in your hands to attract a larger audience to your paper and keep your followers coming back for more. Now you can craft your tweet or post, add #hashtags, and make your paper more visible in the twitter-sphere, on Facebook and/or on LinkedIn.  



Screen shot 2010-12-22 at 09.38.05.png New! Pro publishers can now promote on any Facebook or Linkedin page they manage.


Customize your promo-post 

  • Where:  Once you have activated your promo-tweet or promo-post (Social channel toggle set to ON under your Paper Settings Dashboard > Promotion & Emails) click in the field "Post text" or "Tweet text". (Screen shot 2010-12-22 at 09.38.05.png New!  In the case of Facebook and LinkedIn, you also choose whether to post to your timeline or to a page you manage!)

  • Customize your tweet or post: Craft your tweet or post in the text field within the character limit set by the social media channel.  Include #hashtags to help other users find your tweet or post.  A count of your remaining characters is noted on the bottom right of the text field.   

  • Twitter mentions:  You have the option to include or not include mentions in your tweet by turning the toggle button on or off.  Note that the mentions shown in the preview are examples only and will not necessarily be the same as shown in the final promo tweet.

  • Twitter mentions intro text:  You may customize the text before the mentions to be other than the default "Stories via", such as "Thanks to...." or "Shared by...", etc.  

  • Chose what to promote on LinkedIn and Facebook: For Facebook and/or LinkedIn posts, choose whether to share headline article or paper information.  In either case, the link will take the reader back to your paper.  

  • Save: When you are done with your editing, click the Screen_Shot_2014-04-13_at_9.23.27_AM.png button.  


Default version of a Promo-tweet




Editing your tweet




Editing your Facebook (or LinkedIn) post





 Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 8.15.01 PM.png  Want even more editorial control over your paper before any promo-tweets, promo-posts, or email notifications/curated newsletters are sent out to their readers?  Learn more about what you can do with our knock-out $9/month Pro Plan.  Go PRO!

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