Promote! Activate auto promo-posts on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin

Send out automated promo-posts directly from your Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin account every time the paper is updated.

You can activate/de-activate automated promo-posts on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin by going to your Paper Settings Dashboard > Social Media Agent module.  Turn the toggle switch to ON (activate) or to OFF (deactivate) for Twitter, Facebook and/or Linkedin, then be sure to choose what to share (your paper link and/or the top article link) and then --for Facebook and Linkedin-- where to share.

Screen shot 2010-12-22 at 09.38.05.png All publishers can promote their papers and the top article to Twitter.  But only Pro publishers can promote their paper and top article to Facebook and Linkedin. 


Activate your promo-posts

  • Which channel:  Go to your Paper Settings Dashboard > Social Media Agent module. Turn the toggle switch to the ON position (or to the OFF position to deactivate) for Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn.

  • Sign-in:  An overlay will open which will allow you to sign into your social media account, if you are not already.  If we detect that you are already signed into Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin on another tab of your browser, we will automatically sign you into that account. The connected social media account name will be shown.   

  • Choose what to share: You may share the top article link (URL) of your paper or web newspaper link (URL).  By default, we automatically turn on "share web newspaper link" option --as shown below-- when you activate the channel but you may click to turn off.


  • Choose where to share: For each option that is ON under "what to share" above, be sure to click so that you may next choose where to share (for Facebook and LinkedIn).  For Facebook, you can share to either your page or a group. For LinkedIn, you can share to either your personal timeline or to a page you manage.

Further options under "Choose what to share"

Sharing the top article link: If you turn on auto-share of the top article URL, you can:

  • Mention the author (Twitter): Turn on the toggle to mention the @author.  If we can detect the author's twitter handle in the article information, we'll include it.  Note these caveats.
  • Include a hashtag (Twitter): Turn on the toggle to automatically include a related hashtag for the article post.  
  • Call-to-action overlay: For Pro, customize a call-to-action overlay when you share an article link to direct the user back to the paper to any other site.  (Basic users have this functionality turned on by default and it can not be customized.)

Sharing the web newspaper link: If you turn on auto-share of your paper URL, you can:

  • Include mentions (Twitter): Turn on the toggle to mention the news sharers who have helped create your paper.  Note these caveats.
  • Include trending hashtags (Twitter):  Turn on the toggle to include the most common trending hashtags for your paper's edition in the tweet.
  • Customize the text:   We recommend that you edit/customize the default text shown.  However, be aware that if you include any other URL besides your paper URL (for example: a URL shortener or a for your paper), the most recent "meta data" for your paper (image of top article for example) can not be detected by Twitter.  This will result in Twitter displaying an incorrect image for your paper on most days.  However, if you still wish to include a URL other than your paper's URL, be sure to include http:// in front of your URL.
  • Screen shot 2010-12-22 at 09.38.05.png For Facebook and LinkedIn, choose what additional information to share along with the URL under "SELECT IMAGE AND TEXT TO INCLUDE".  You can choose to include either the top article image and title or you can include the paper thumbnail image with paper description.



Multiple Facebook or Twitter accounts: Have we automatically connected your paper to promote to the "wrong" account?  No worries!  Simply turn the toggle to the OFF position.  Then, visit or in another tab and sign yourself out. Return to your settings, turn the toggle back to ON in order to sign in to the correct account.




In order for to post to a promotion channel, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin all grant what is called an "access token", which gives us permission to post on your behalf.  Each social channel has their own rules regarding when the token permission expires.  

  • Linkedin tokens expire after 60 days, when user revokes permission, or when password is changed.
    • Twitter tokens expire when user revokes or password is changed
    • Facebook tokens expire after 60 days, when user revokes permission or when password is changed.

When your token expires, we will send you an email letting you know that you will need to turn off and back on the promotion channel in order to re-authenticate your permissions. News Page App (on a WIX site)

Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin promotion settings are blocked in your settings until you first (1) save, (2) publish, (3) open WIX site, then (4) click on the News Page of your WIX site. You must open the page holding the "create a news page" app, and not your site's home page in order to unblock the promotion settings.  Opening the News Page (not home page) is necessary for us to be able to capture the News Page URL so that you can share it in your promotion settings!

If you're not successful, please submit a ticket and give us the URL of your WIX site so we can quickly assist you.  

Last updated:  April 20, 2018 Julia

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