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How to contact us

To report a technical issue, provide feedback, or ask a question, you can:

  • tweet us @paper_li

  • submit a question to other publishers in the Community Q & A Forum.
    This is a forum for publishers and readers to connect with one another, answer questions, ask advice and start discussions with other community members. 

    The forum isn't officially moderated by, however we will stop by every now and then to say hello, lend a hand if questions go unanswered and clean house a little. If your problem needs urgent assistance, it's better to submit your request using the link below.

  • Submit a request to support.   

  • PRO badge.png Pro Publishers can also contact us via the special support email mentioned in the payment confirmation email, shown below.  We make every attempt to "fast track" Pro questions, but keep in mind the response time will depend on the complexity of your question/request!


Billing confirmation email gives dedicated support email


  •  PRO badge.png Pro Publishers can also receive emails with PRO tips that mention our dedicated PRO help email address.  We will email PRO publishers only if your email address has been verified -and- you have selected in your publisher account settings the option to receive notifications regarding occasional updates/tips.  To adjust these settings visit your Account Settings > Email & Social Channel Login. 


Request a feature

To request a feature, take a look at the Feature Requests Forum, and if the idea has not already been requested, feel free to add your request.  If you see that the idea has already been requested, be sure to "like" the feature request.  Liking a feature request is a way to "vote" for the improvement and helps us communicate to the product development team what the majority of users want. 

You can also click Screen_Shot_2014-10-13_at_12.36.30_PM.png (top right of feature request) if you wish to be informed on when and if the feature has been implemented.


Tips on making a comment or asking for help

New to commenting or not sure how to most effectively make your point? Here are a few tips to help you out when commenting on an article, reporting an issue and leaving comments in general. 

1. Be specific

Let us know why you are contacting us or what compelled you to comment

Technical issues:  To quote publisher Mike Lazarus "Taking your car to the garage and saying it doesn't work isn't really helpful." Be specific!

  • Be as descriptive as you can and send us:
    • the URL of the paper;
    • browser details;
    • info on whether you see an error message;
    • a description of what you are seeing and the steps you took just before the issue occurred.

 The more information, the better. 

Feedback: If you are commenting on a post, tell us what compelled you to comment. Did you like a new feature? If so, what? The feature is a flop? Tell us why and what we could do better. 

2. Stay on topic

Regardless if you are browsing articles, posts, or FB entries, it is always good practice to keep questions and conversations organized.  If you see a post about content streams and you have a question about customization, start a new request or take a look to see if you can jump in on a conversation that is already taking place. It becomes confusing for everyone to jump from topic to topic. And it makes it easier to find you and make sure your comments, questions and requests are promptly answered. 

3. Be Nice

Nobody is perfect and we can all have a bad day. Even so, it is never appropriate to use insults or offensive language in the community.   

Even when you don't agree with publishing peers' opinions, a new feature that we've rolled out, support response times, blog posts or the way the wind is blowing today... disrespectful comments won't improve the situation. 

Praise, kudos, comments -- they are all welcome, and criticism is too, as long as it is constructive and polite.

Please note: Rude, incendiary comments in the forum, on the blog, on FB or Twitter, or in a support request that do not lend to fruitful conversation will be removed, disregarded or simply ignored.


Last updated: Julia, June 16, 2016

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