Edit Mode! Block news spotters and content sources (blacklisting)

Blacklist content with just a few clicks! 

To begin, be sure you are signed into your paper in order to see the editing buttons. 


For a paper using the classic layout:

  • to edit your paper, you must first click the edit button Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 10.36.13 PM.png on the top right of your paper.  
  • once in edit mode, you will notice editing icons on the top right of articles, videos and photos.

For a paper using the modern layout:

  • there is no edit button with the modern layout because you are already in edit mode.  
  • Hover over the article, video or image and on the right, you'll find controls on the right that will allow you to drag/drop, delete or blacklist a contributor or website. The blacklisting controls are found under "..." on the right of an article, image or video.


Screen_Shot_2013-12-11_at_11.32.25_PM.png Blacklist the news spotter who shared the news!  Blacklisting the news spotter will prevent us from fetching any further content from that user for the current and future editions of your paper.  

Screen_Shot_2013-12-11_at_11.31.21_PM.png Blacklist the news source itself!  Blacklisting the news source itself will block a URL from appearing on current and future editions of your paper.  This button is not found for videos.


As soon as you block the person, or website, we will automatically delete the article and place them on a "blocked" list. You can access this list under your paper settings. 


Editing your blacklists

Have you accidentally blacklisted someone or a site -or- maybe you have changed your mind?  You can lift the block at any time by deleting the blacklisted person or site.  To view and edit the sites or people you have blacklisted, go to your Paper Settings Dashboard, click Content > Advanced Settings > select Blacklisted people or Blacklisted websites.   Click the red minus symbol to remove the person or website from your blacklist.


Blocking Preemptively

Want to blacklist a user or URL prior to that user or URL appearing on your paper?  Contact us on twitter and we can help.

 Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 8.15.01 PM.png Pro users: contact us on twitter -or- using the email noted on the footer of your invoice emails.


Last edited:  Julia Yaziji June 16, 2016

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