How to delete your Publisher Account

Deleting a publisher account will delete all papers created under the account.

Delete a account  

1.  Sign into by clicking "sign in" on the  top right corner:


2.  Once signed in, click the main menu icon (top left):



3.  Click Account Settings, shown below.

4.  On the bottom right of your screen, click the red Screen_Shot_2013-10-17_at_8.52.27_PM.png button.  Note that by deleting your account, you will delete all papers created under this name! 

5.  You will be taken to a confirmation screen.  Type DELETE in all caps and click the Screen_Shot_2013-10-17_at_8.54.54_PM.png button to confirm.


6.  Your account and all papers associated with the account are deleted.



The Account Settings/Publisher profile view


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