Publish it! Bookmarklet: adding a new topic or category

When using the bookmarklet, you can add an article to your paper to any covered topic using the drop down menu shown.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 7.30.11 AM.png

 However, whether or not a new topic section category is added to the topics shown in the Topics Bar Menu will depend on how many topic sections you already have in your paper.Screen_Shot_2014-02-10_at_11.17.15_AM.png

We have set a limit of six topic sections/categories per paper.  

If you have less than six topic sections showing in your edition and you add an article via the bookmarklet to a topic which does not exist yet, the new topic section/category is added to the Topics Bar Menu on your paper.

However, if you already have six topics showing on your paper's Topics Bar Menu. and you add an article using the bookmarklet to a new topic (other than the six already showing), the article will be viewable in headlines or in "all articles" but a new topic section can not be created in the menu since doing so would exceed the max number of topic sections.

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