Add content! Add the Publish it! bookmarklet to an iPad

The "Publish it!" bookmarklet is a great way to add your favorite content - from anywhere on the web - to your paper.  Add the bookmarklet to your ipad for on-the-go content curation!


Once the bookmarklet is added to your bookmarks bar, you can add images, videos or an article to your paper.  But how do you install the bookmarklet on your ipad?  The "how to" is slightly different! 

If you've set up your bookmarks to synch on iCloud, then you already have the bookmarklet installed!  You can find it in the Bookmarks Bar folder (in some iOS versions, the Bookmarks Bar is called "favorites".  In fact, if you have synched your bookmarks in the Cloud and your Bookmarks Bar is showing, you should see the Bookmarklet already!  

If you've synched your bookmarks to your ipad but your Bookmarks Bar is not showing, you can either follow step (1) below to show the Bookmarks Bar -or- you can simply click on the Bookmarklet bookmark from the menu to activate the familiar bookmarklet overlay.

If your bookmarks are not synched to your browser, then follow these instructions to add the bookmarklet to your ipad.

imageedit_10_9019497066.png Although the instructions have been written for an ipad, the steps are the same in principle, for a tablet.  If your browser in your Android tablet does not support a Bookmarks Bar, simply skip step (1).  Once you have added the bookmarklet in your bookmarks, you can use it to add content from any website with an article, video or image, by clicking on the bookmarklet from your browser's bookmark menu.


Install the "Publish it!" bookmarklet on your ipad (Safari)


 1.  Check that your bookmarks bar* is showing in your browser.  If not, go to ipad's settings menu found on the home screen.  Screen_Shot_2013-10-08_at_6.42.16_PM.png  Choose the settings for Safari, then turn ON the option "Always Show Bookmarks Bar" or "Show Favorites Bar".

  Ipad settings: 


2. Go to and bookmark it by tapping on the toolbar button:Screen_Shot_2013-10-08_at_3.38.20_PM.png or Screen_Shot_2014-10-01_at_10.01.52_AM.png  depending on the iOS version you have.  Select "Add bookmarklet". Modify the name if you wish. Change the location to "bookmark bar" or "favorites" in some iOS versions to save to the bookmark bar.  



Name: Modify the name to bookmarklet.

Location: Choose which folder you wish to add the bookmarklet.  If you wish to save to the bookmarks bar, you can change the location to "bookmarks bar" also known as "favorites" in some OS versions.

 Once you've named the bookmarklet and moved it to the folder you wish, click Save.  You should now be taken back to the main Safari browser window.


3. Copy the javascript below:

javascript:void(function(){var w,to=5000,l=(window.outerWidth - 400)/2,t=setTimeout(function(){'','paperli','width=400,height=200,top=30,left='+l)||alert('This site doesn\'t allow to include its content in or prevents the usage of bookmarklets.')},to),a=document.createElement('script');a.setAttribute('type','text/javascript');a.setAttribute('src',document.location.protocol+'//');a.onload=function(){clearTimeout(t);w && w.close()};document.body.appendChild(a);}());


4.  Tap the Bookmarks button, located at the top of the screen.  Screen_Shot_2013-10-08_at_3.42.42_PM.png  Navigate to the folder where you have saved your new  bookmark and locate your bookmarklet.  



Once you've located your bookmarklet in the correct folder where it was saved, click Edit to enter Edit mode.  Now click the arrow to the right of the bookmarklet, shown below.




5.  You're almost done.  Paste the javascript that you copied in the URL field!

No need to save, it's saved automatically.




That's it! The next time you are on a web page that has content of interest (video, images or an article), click on the bookmarklet you added to your bookmarks bar and we'll show you a list of what we find on that page.


* A bookmarks bar is the bar shown under the navigation bar which holds your most frequently used bookmarks.  


Example of a bookmarks bar with Publish it! Bookmarklet added:



imageedit_10_9019497066.png Need more help?  Tweet us at @paper_li with a description of the problem. Caveat: Unfortunately, we don't have access to every type of tablet out there on the market (although goodness knows, we would love to get our hands on them)!  Therefore, we are not able to troubleshoot device-specific issues, but we'll do our best to help.

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