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The "Publish it!" bookmarklet is a great way to add your favorite content - from anywhere on the web - to your paper.    Add content to your paper while on the go, straight from your mobile phone, by using the bookmarklet!


Once the bookmarklet is added to your bookmarks, you can add images, videos or an article to your paper.  But how do you install the bookmarklet on your mobile phone?  The "how to" is slightly different from adding it to your bookmarks bar on a desktop computer.

iphone users with bookmarks synched to iCloud

 If you've set up your bookmarks to synch on iCloud, then assuming you've already installed the bookmarklet on your home computer, you already have the bookmarklet installed!  It should be found in your Bookmarks Bar folder in your Safari's bookmarks.

When you're reading an article on your mobile phone that you'd like to add to your paper, click on the bookmarklet bookmark found in your Bookmarks Bar folder to activate the familiar bookmarklet overlay.


Go to the Bookmarks Bar folder in your Safari bookmarks

  Click on the Bookmarklet bookmark to add content to your paper
IMG_5253.png       IMG_5254.png

 If you haven't synched your bookmarks on iCloud, then follow the instructions below on how to install the bookmarklet on your phone.


Install the "Publish it!" bookmarklet on your mobile phone

1.     Go to any page on the web (such as shown below) and add the page to your bookmarks.  


Adding a bookmark in Safari

(1a) On a webpage in Safari, click the arrow to add a bookmark  

(1b) Click bookmark.

IMG_5255.png    IMG_5256.png


(1c) Change the name of the bookmark to " Bookmarklet". Note the folder you have saved it to and click DONE.    


2. Copy the javascript below:

javascript:void(function(){var w,to=5000,t=setTimeout(function(){''+encodeURIComponent(window.location.href))||alert('This site doesn\'t allow to include its content in or prevents the usage of bookmarklets.')},to),a=document.createElement('script');a.setAttribute('type','text/javascript');a.setAttribute('src',document.location.protocol+'//');a.onload=function(){clearTimeout(t);w && w.close()};document.body.appendChild(a);}());


3.  Edit the recently created bookmarklet by pasting the javascript copied above into the URL field and save the edited bookmark. 


(3a)  Edit the recently created bookmark.      (3b) Past the javascript code into the URL field                                                                          and save.

IMG_5258.png  IMG_5262_2.png



That's it! The next time you are on a web page that has content of interest (video, images or an article), click on the bookmarklet you added to your bookmarks and we'll show you a list of what we find on that page.


imageedit_10_9019497066.png Need more help?  Tweet us at @paper_li with a description of the problem.Caveat: Unfortunately, we don't have access to every brand and version of mobile phone out there on the market (although goodness knows, we would love to get our hands on them)!  Therefore, we are not able to troubleshoot device-specific issues, but we'll do our best to help.



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