Mobile device or tablet: where's the app?


You are looking for the app for your ipad, tablet, iphone, mobile device because you just can't live without your on the go!


There is no app!  With the introduction of "responsive design" in October 2012, we discontinued our Apple app and no longer support it.  You can still read your on your mobile device and/or tablet and access the settings via your browser.  You can even use the bookmarklet.  

Creating a paper using your device

On some devices, the only thing you won't be able to do is to create a new paper.  In this case, it's not the device but the screen width that is the issue. Formatting for the "create a paper" process was not feasible on a device with width smaller than 768 px.  If the device has a width less than 768 px, the "create a button" button(s) will not be visible.

TIP!  Since the ability to create a paper depends on screen width, on some tablets/ipads, if you hold the screen horizontally, you will be able to see the "create a paper" button(s) .


Find out more about responsive design.

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