Add a WhatsApp Share button to the header of your paper

PRO badge.png  Add a Whatsapp share button to the header of your Pro paper, viewable only in supported devices.  Readers can share your paper on an IOS device to their contacts in Whatsapp.




  • Your paper must be on a custom domain in order to add Whatsapp's HTML to your custom header.
  • You must be able to save the Whatsapp's javascript file on a server on the web.  If you don't have your own website where you can store their file, create a free dropbox Screen_Shot_2014-09-22_at_12.46.21_PM.png account and save the file to the public folder in your dropbox account.




BUZZFEED SAYS iPhone users are clicking their new WhatsApp button more than Twitter's!  

Since Screen shot 2010-12-22 at 09.38.05.png Pro publishers have access to their custom header/footer, they can add the Whatsapp code to their papers and easily power their paper with the Whatsapp sharing icon.  

The icon will only show up on supported devices.  In other words, you won't see it on your desktop, but only on an iOS device.

Try it out!


Add the Whatsapp share button to your Pro paper

1.  Go to the What'sapp page, where their instructions and code are located.


2.  Set your settings: Choose your button type (Step 2 on What'sapp page)


Note on the custom URL versus Current Page URL options:

  • Current page URL:  This default setting will simply share your paper URL (either custom domain URL or URL).  
  • Custom URL:  This option would make sense if you have embedded your paper using our Nomad widget or the iframe into your own website or blog.  If you wish to direct all sharing to the embed of your paper, and not the paper URL itself, enter the URL of the embed.


3.  Get your button code: (See step 3 on What'sapp page)

Copy and paste the HTML Whatsapp provides in step three to your custom header in your Paper Settings Dashboard.



4.  Download the buttons source and upload it on your own server:  (Step 4 on What'sapp page)

For this step, you need to put their javascript file somewhere on the net that is publicly accessible.  If you don't have your own domain where you can host the file, create a free dropbox account and add the whatsapp-button.js file located in dist/ folder in the Public folder of your dropbox account.



5.  Integrate the buttons source in your website: (Step 5 on What'sapp page)

Finally, copy and paste the code from step 5 underneath the HTML you pasted in step 3 to your custom header in your Paper Settings Dashboard.



Whatsapp currently supports the share button for iOS devices only.  


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