Advertise! Use your ad space to install a video, image, Facebook widget and more...

PRO badge.png  Customize your ads, use ad space to add a video or image, or switch off advertising all together and enjoy ad-free news!


Besides simple ads, the "ad unit" spaces can also be used to add a video, an image, your own coupon, a Facebook page widget and more!   Take advantage of this space to personalize your paper.


Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 11.26.47 PM.png Wondering where the ads will be placed?  

For the classic layout paper, check out this sample paper which shows ad placement.

For the modern layout paper, check out this sample paper which shows ad placement.


Customize which ad positions you want seen

You have the control to either switch off some of the ads or all advertising all together.

  • From your Paper Settings Dashboard, click Web newspaperLayout & appearance, then Ad units.

  • Customize which ad positions you would like to show by clicking on the ad position to view the ad position toggle.  Switch toggle to ON or OFF position to view or not view ad.


A classic layout paper has five ad units:


A modern layout paper has four ad units:


Customize how ad space is used 

If you choose to turn the ad-space on, you can use the ad space in your paper in several ways.

  • Default ad

If you select the default ad, then you are letting us use Google Adsense to place ads on your paper.

  • Image

Choose "Image" to upload your own image.

Here are our recommended image sizes if you are using the classic layout.  If you are using the modern layout, the ad sizes are more flexible.



  • Custom HTML

You can choose Custom HTML to enter your own HTML code, including javascript.

You can add a youtube video, an iframe, a slideshare presentation, your own text, a Facebook page widget, multiple images, a subscription widget for an outside service, and more... 

  • Google Adsense

Papers on a custom domain can also choose to add their own Google Adsense ads.



Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 11.26.47 PM.pngAdd a video or slideshare presentation to your ad space

Ad spots aren't just for ads. You can use HTML in those spaces and even insert YouTube videos or a slideshare presentation there. Just click the 'Share' button on any Youtube video or slideshare presentation, and then select 'Embed.' If you are using the classic layout for your paper, be sure to enter '300' as the video width in the 'Video Size' box, otherwise it will be too big for the right column. Copy and paste the code into any ad space Custom HTML editor, save your changes, and you're set.


What to read next?  Now read this article for even more ideas on how to use your ad space. 

If your ads are not showing, please see Advertise! What Are The Rules For Pro Ads To Appear In My Paper?


 Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 8.15.01 PM.png If you haven't taken the Pro plunge yet, what are you waiting for!  Try it out for only  $9/month?  Go PRO!


Last updated: Julia Yaziji January 10, 2017

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