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PRO badge.png  If you have a PRO paper you can replace the default "" domain name for your paper with a custom domain!  


What is a custom domain (or subdomain)?

A custom domain name allows you to replace our default, system-generated URL (example: with a custom name you chose yourself, like this! -> (awesome paper, by the way!)


What benefits are there to having a custom domain?

Having a custom domain is just one additional way to extend your branding and have a domain name that is more "user friendly".  In addition, once you have set up your custom domain, you can add the following to your paper:

  • Optional header & footer: don't like to dabble with code? Then you can simply hide the standard header and footer with a click of the mouse.

  • Favicon: extend your branding with a logo at the top of your browser tab

  • Custom CSS: from header to footer, you can style your paper as you'd like with via a new CSS editor


What are the drawbacks?

  • For some, the idea of setting up a custom domain might seem complicated, but it's not. We're here to help you.  You decide on which registrar you wish and the custom domain name to use and we can help you from there.

  • The "remember me" option found under your Account settings menu will no longer be functional.  


How do I set up a custom domain or subdomain?

Before you make any changes on, you will need to register your own domain name with a registrar.  

If you already have a domain name that is being used, you may want to create a subdomain name (in the format, for example, and use that subdomain to the paper.  


1. Configure your domain or subdomain

You'll need to configure your domain or subdomain and your registrar will have instructions on how to do this. Depending on what you chose, you'll do one of the the following:

  • Three levels - subdomain format - If your domain looks something like (example), you should create a new CNAME record.  When you create a CNAME record, you will be asked for a URL.  Enter ""   

  • Two levels - If your domain looks something like (example), you should create a new A-record.  You will be asked for an IP address.  Enter our IP address


2.  From your Paper Settings Dashboard, choose Web Newspaper and then turn the Custom Domain toggle to ON.



3.  Enter your new domain (e.g. or subdomain (e.g.


4.  Click Screen_Shot_2014-02-19_at_11.53.21_PM.png.  If there's no error message, you have correctly pointed your new domain to

5.  If you have already activated an automatic promo-post or tweet with your old URL, you must re-set the default text in your tweet or post in order for your new custom URL to be included in the next auto promote.

To do so, go to your Paper Settings Dashboard, then Social Media Agent and turn the main activation switch(es) OFF and then back ON to reset your default tweet with the correct URL.  





How can I force my paper to use https?

See this article.

Will a domain re-direct work?

No, it won't!

What happens when someone visits my former URL?

They will automatically be redirected to your new custom domain.

I want to embed my paper onto my site.  Is the resulting URL a custom domain?

If you embed your paper onto a subdirectory of an already existing website, the URL that holds your embed is not considered a custom domain for your paper.  In the source code for the page, only the code for the embed is found and not any information about the paper.  This means that Social media services are not able to "read" any information from your paper as it's hidden one level down in the embed.  When you share the URL of your embed, any information shown comes from your own website and not from our embed.

How will my paper be found on Google Search and others?

Your paper will be indexed in searches as soon as the engines crawl the new custom domain. Be sure you link your sub-domain from the homepage of your Website to get the most out of your curated content.  Verify your site with Google Console to help you monitor and maintain your paper's presence in Google Search results.

Instructions for

There are a lot of registrars to choose from.   There are so many, in fact, that the number of choices and options can be overwhelming if you have never set up a custom domain before.  

Because is such a popular registrar used by so many of our publishers, we've created instructions to help you get started using  

What if I’m having trouble setting up a custom domain or subdomain?

If you are having trouble setting up your domain, send us a snapshot of the DNS Manager interface (from your registrar's setting page) so that we can see what the fields look like and your new Pro paper domain name.  You can either tweet us at @paper_li or contact us using the email address at the bottom of your Pro invoice. News Page App (on a WIX site)

Using the News Page App on your WIX site?  Since your paper is embedded on your WIX site, it is not possible to set up a custom domain through  Please see WIX's Help Center for custom domains.



Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 8.15.01 PM.png Haven't taken the Pro plunge yet?  Go PRO!


Last updated:  Julia Yaziji  March 22, 2018


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