How to add a collaborator to your paper

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What are collaborators for?

  • Used to add a Co-editor: If you have created a paper but would like to grant permission to colleague(s) to be able to co-edit and curate the content on your paper, you can add them as a collaborator.  Your collaborator(s) will have all the same super-powers that you do, except he or she, will not have permission to delete or create new papers under your account name.  

  • Used to give a user permission to see a private paper: Using for market, industry or trend monitoring and don't necessarily want anyone else to view your paper? Set your paper to private and the paper will only be seen by you and any collaborators you have invited.  A private paper will not be listed on your public profile, nor will it be searchable on the newsstand.  When a paper is private, only collaborators will receive the email notification.


Add a collaborator

  • To begin, if they have not already, ask the collaborator to create a account by signing into his or her own social media account on They can also create an account using an email address.  The collaborator does not need to create a paper in order to have a publisher account.

  • From your Paper Settings Dashboard, click Global Settings, then Collaborators.

  • Enter the name of the publisher in the search field and click "enter" or Screen_Shot_2014-03-02_at_10.15.07_PM.png to search.

  • When you have found the collaborator in the search results, click the Screen_Shot_2014-03-02_at_10.24.38_PM.png to add.  If you have successfully added the collaborator,  aScreen_Shot_2014-03-02_at_10.27.25_PM.png will appear on the right,


  • The invited collaborator will receive an email notification informing them that they have been added as a collaborator to your paper.

  • Once added, to view (and edit) the paper the collaborator will sign in to their own publisher account and the paper will appear under the main menu section: "My Papers". 

Remove a collaborator



Instructions for collaborators

If you are invited to collaborate to a Pro paper with a custom domain URL that has disabled the header, please use the ESC button to access the editing mode and paper settings.

Collaborators are required to have a profile on before they can be added to a paper.



* News Page App (on a WIX site)

Using the News Page App on your WIX site?  It is not possible to add a collaborator.  
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