Layout widgets! Set up an RSS feed for your Pro paper

PRO badge.png Read your own Pro paper's headlines in your favorite RSS reader and offer your readers an RSS feed for the entire paper or just a topic area !


View your paper in your RSS Reader

  • From your Paper Settings Dashboard, click Global settings, then click Get RSS Feed URL.

  • Copy and paste the RSS feed URL into your favorite RSS reader.


Offer an RSS Feed to your Readers

  • From your Paper Settings Dashboard > Web Newspaper > Layout & appearance then Layout widgets.

  • Turn RSS icons toggle to ON.

  • You will now find the RSS icon on the front page of your paper, next to "Archives".




Topic page view example:  RSS for a topic is available on a topic page selected from the Topics dropdown menu.

Your readers will also find an RSS feed for each topic on the topics view of a paper (by clicking on the Topics drop down menu in the Topics bar and selecting the topic they would like to view) -or- on the front page of your paper next to any topic heading.



Front page example: RSS for a topic is available on the front page of your paper next to any topic heading.





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Updated:  Julia Yaziji April 19, 2016 

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